Calicchio Trumpets moves to the heartland as new owner John Duda revitalizes the art of old-world craftsmanship set forth by Domenick Calicchio. John’s history in the art of horn-making spans generations as he continues to follow in the footsteps of his father Louis, designer of the Benge pocket trumpet.

As a boy, John would watch in amazement as his father, Eldon Benge’s right-hand man, deftly assembled the brass instruments that would become his passion.

At the age of nineteen, after discovering his own knack for the manipulation of metals while working as a silversmith, he went to work at the Benge factory under the tutelage of his father and Zig Kanstul. As part of his apprenticeship he worked at the King factory in Cleveland, OH, but the weather was more than he had bargained for, so he returned to Anaheim where he became the foreman of the bell department. His two mentors cross-trained him in nearly all departments and he quickly developed the skills that have kept him in demand by so many of the top horn-makers in the nation.